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DVP-20PM Series 전문 모션 제어 MPU

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작성자 관리자 댓글 0건 조회 138회 작성일 20-02-26 10:19


- MPU points: 16
 - Max. I/O points: 512
 - Program capacity : 64K Steps
 - Communication port: Built-in RS-232 and RS-485, compatible with MODBUS ASCII /
  RTU communication protocol
 - Data register : 10,000 words (latched)
 - 500KHz High-speed pulse output:
  Built-in 4 groups of A/B phase differential signal output
  X-axis pulse output: (FP0+,FP0-), (RP0+,RP0-)
  Y-axis pulse output: (FP1+,FP1-), (RP1+,RP1-)
 - Supports Manual Pulse Generator (MPG) and multi-point external signal inputs



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